karen shea, captain's log

09.07.21 | pandemic

first vaccination

to the airport, only the come home again

28.05.21 | language acquisition

brute force

feel it out

06.04.21 | race, living abroad


portland, ore

20.02.21 | scifi

do androids even

all intelligence is artificial

22.01.21 | language acquisition, living abroad

three ways to learn a language

three tried and true methods

11.01.21 | c++, technical-topics

the fun in function pointers

function pointers are hairy useful objects

05.01.21 | admin

hello world

init post

21.11.20 | OSM, vacation, cross-posted

vacation mapping 1

OSM mapping in Istanbul

03.10.20 | OSM, vacation, cross-posted

vacation mapping 2

OSM mapping in NYC